C'est what? 75 mini lessons in conversational Québécois French (PDF)

What you'll get:

> 1 book in digital PDF format

Overwhelmed and not sure what exactly you're supposed to be learning to understand Québécois French?

C'est what? is for you!

This guide will raise your awareness of the spoken features of Québécois French. You'll learn about informal contractions and omitted words in spontaneous speech, features of Québécois pronunciation, and commonly used words and expressions.

Each of the 75 mini lessons revolves around an example sentence taken from the conversational level of French, which you'll explore in depth by reading the lesson notes. This ebook contains hundreds of example sentences for you to learn, as well as a set of exercises and answers for you to test your knowledge.

Do you know what these mean?

  • T'as-tu vingt-cinq cennes?
  • Y'a-tu quelqu'un?
  • Capote pas, là!
  • Arrête de niaiser!

By the time you finish reading C'est what?, you'll know!

Some of the language features included in this ebook:

  • how â, d and t are pronounced
  • using tu to ask yes-no questions (e.g., c'est-tu...?, t'as-tu...?, t'es-tu...?)
  • how words like je, tu, il, elle, sur, dans, etc., can transform in spontaneous speech
  • frequently used Québécois vocabulary like pogner, niaiser, capoter, plate, poche, là, etc.

If you've been learning French but would now like to get your feet wet in the Québécois variety of it, C'est what? will help to get you going.

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