Entendu au Québec: 99 questions and answers (PDF)

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This guide is composed of 99 questions and answers to strengthen your command of spoken Québécois French. You’ll learn to say things in French the same way speakers from Québec say them.

All 99 examples of French in this guide were taken from real conversations that took place in Québec.

Here’s how Entendu au Québec works.

Each question contains an English sentence in red. During a real conversation, a speaker from Québec said an equivalent in French of that same sentence. Your job is to figure out how the Québécois speaker said it.

Read the context and vocabulary clues, and make your guess. Then turn the page to compare your answer to the way the speaker from Québec really said it. Read the notes related to the question and make whatever corrections are necessary to your French.

As you work through Entendu au Québec, you might find that your guesses rarely match how the Québécois speakers really said them. Don’t worry — that’s the whole point of this guide. It’s meant to provide you with a form of feedback on your French. You’ll identify spots where the way you’re saying things now might be improved to make your French sound more natural.

Once you’ve worked through the entire guide, give it another go. You’ll find your guesses are much more accurate on the second round.

Get comfortable — you just might find this addictive. Download now and start with the first question!

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