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Contracted French: Contractions used in spoken Québécois French (PDF, mp3)

What you'll get:

> 5 audio tracks in mp3 format
> 1 book in digital PDF format

A big reason you have trouble understanding spoken French is due to a lack of awareness of contractions. In school, you learned to say je suis, tu es, il est, and so on. But, during the course of a normal conversation, you’ll hear j'su', t'es and y'est, which sound as though they were written in French chu, té and yé.

Without knowledge of contractions, a lot of what you hear in spoken French will remain off limits to you. You might even feel as though people are speaking a secret language -- and you’re not allowed in.

Do you know how francophones might pronounce je suis allé in a normal, everyday conversation? What about dans la vie? Or il n’y a plus de lait? Or je ne suis pas sûr?

In Contracted French, we’ll look at how these and other common words and sample phrases contract in spoken French.

The book is divided into fifteen chapters, each one focusing on a set of related contractions that you need to know to understand spoken French. In each chapter, you’ll see different contracted words and phrases highlighted in blue -- these highlighted items are recorded in mp3 files. Each chapter also contains exercises to complete; the exercises come with an answer key in the back of the book so you can check your work. The entire answer key is also recorded so you can listen to it too.

The recordings are spread out over five mp3 files. Each file is roughly five minutes in length and consists of a reading of the contracted words and phrases that appear in the chapters and answer key.

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> 5 audio tracks in mp3 format
> 1 book in digital PDF format

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